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An eBPF sensor collects anonymized API traffic to provide unparalleled visibility!   Learn More
API & user behavior models are built on anonymized API traffic.  Learn More
The model generates tailored security tests for all APIs. These are continuously updated.  Learn More
Tailored security tests are run in CI/CD or from SaaS.  Learn More
Actionable insights help developers resolve security issues faster!  Learn More

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The pace of API Security assessments is disconnected from the pace of agile development. API security testing (aka penetration testing) is done very late in the agile development process. This results in security vulnerabilities to leak into production, and increases the risk of customer data breaches.

Levo's unique benefits

Enable security to move at the pace of business
Take control of API sprawl and proactively mitigate API risk
Ship secure, resilient, and regression-free APIs faster
Scale API security coverage
Accelerate compliance and audit initiatives
Significantly reduce the cost of pentest and bug bounty programs
Reduce friction and improve collaboration between Developers, DevOPs, and Security Engineers

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