Frictionless API Observability

Take Control of API Sprawl & Mitigate API Risk

Rapid proliferation of APIs is making comprehensive API Observability a mission critical requirement.

Levo Supercharges API Observability Via eBPF​

Instant Observability with Zero Friction

Levo’s agent-less & codeless instrumentation provides API observability throughout the API development lifecycle via a revolutionary technology called eBPF.

Below are top benefits of Levo’s API observability solution:

Instant observability for your APIs – north-south, east-west, shadow, legacy, rogue, partner, authenticated, unauthenticated, and more
Agent-less. Does not require code or configuration changes, or SDK additions to your applications
Installation involves a single Helm Chart for Kubernetes, or a single Docker command for other environments
Completely passive, and not inline with the application
No impact to the application’s latency
No impact to daily operational workflows (deployment, debugging, upgrading, etc.)
Eliminates friction between Developers, Operations, and Security, that is common with conventional tools
Full TLS / SSL visibility for all applications and services. TLS observability does not require sharing of private keys
Track sensitive data flows (PII, PSI, PHI, etc.) in your APIs
Instant observability into user roles, and scopes (CIAM). Answer questions like:

* Who are my users?
* What are the role entitlements for these users?
* What specific API endpoints and JSON objects are being accessed via the role entitlements?

Your API Data Stays with You

Typical vendors providing API observability, will ingest all your API data into their SaaS, and put the burden of redacting sensitive customer data on you.

Levo’s Privacy-Preserving technology, does not ingest any of your API data into SaaS. Levo discovers and documents your APIs using only data type inferences performed in the Satellite component (that runs within your VPC/premises).

Auto-Document APIs with Sensitive Data Annotations​

Auto-discover and auto-generate OpenAPI specifications for all your APIs.

OpenAPI specifications are annotated with sensitive data types (PII, PSI, PHI, etc.)

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